The Lyon Adventure begins…for some of us!

A week ago today, Ray and Téa left for Lyon, while Alex, Luca and I moved into our temporary home on Gray Street. (Alex for only two days before heading back to Tufts, but it was great having him help with our transition and fill our empty house with music and his stuff, in a way only Alex can do.) Thank you, Sarah, for helping to arrange our temporary accommodations. Luca and I are settling in just fine and Luca is enjoying his even shorter commute to the high school. While it is strange being in Amherst without living on Strong Street, we found a wonderful retired couple to rent our home while we are on sabbatical and they had hoped to move in January 1st.
I keep saying that in two months we will think this was a good idea…In the meantime, being able to FaceTime with Ray and Téa every day from their apartment in Lyon is making the distance seem much closer. We survived the first week apart, we can handle six more?!?!? Stay tuned for the update from Lyon!


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