A few first impressions of fashion in Lyon…

For one thing everyone wears a scarf, whether you are two or ninety-two. I wonder if toddlers here sense the flair scarves adds to their outfits or if they just know better than to fight it when their parents wrap one around their necks. Maybe they even like it! But I have never known an American toddler to put up with it, no matter how cold the day. My children were the types who pulled off hats and tossed them over the side of the stroller, so I’m not sure I ever even considered a scarf…

Meg, Pat and Ella sweetly left me the perfect Lyonnaise gift (pictured here). Even though I am so sorry I missed them, I will think of them as I wrap on this fashion statement each day. And it really has been cold (unlike in Amherst – 77 degrees today?!?!), so it is keeping me warm, too. Merci beau coup!


Notice how chic these young women look. I was walking behind them on my way to Palce Bellecour, though they turned in at the University of Lyon. The one on the left is wearing Nike Sneakers! Americans do not come off looking fashionable in sneakers and I’m trying to dissect why. Is it the short socks, pants in the same gray tone as the sneakers or can it all be chalked up to that great pink blazer and oversized Longchampish bag?!? I will do my best to live and learn with Téa as my discerning, enthusiastic guide.


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