The gastronomic capital of France

I wanted to cheer myself up the Monday Ray flew out for two weeks so I looked around for a good restaurant to have lunch. The thing is, it’s weird eating out alone. Fine having a coffee or a drink, but eating a meal alone at a table inside a restaurant feels strange. Sitting at the bar, okay, but at a table? It just feels lonely and uncomfortable to me. It’s not the right place to read, so where are you supposed to look?

I noticed a few tables outside this little place called Jumble and the food looked amazing. I saw the inexpensive pre-fixe price on the simple oh-so-French chalkboard menu, and sat down. The waiter explained they were only serving one meal that day, so I happily agreed to that.  I totally enjoyed my lunch of root vegetable soup, followed by perfectly seared meat in a creamy pumpkin sauce with brussel sprouts as good as the Lumberyard’s, served with a delicious glass of bordeaux – and for dessert, served with a coffee, a little sampling of three desserts including a toasted caramel pudding and, funny enough, a miniature chocolate chip cookie almost as good as my mother’s. Service included and the total bill was 19.5 euro. Twenty dollars! I will enjoy lunch there even more when Ray is sitting across from me – at a table inside.


2 thoughts on “The gastronomic capital of France

  1. Taryn, loving your reflections on life in Lyon… Merci Beaucoup! Wish I could join you for a prix fixe meal as your description made me hungry! Wishing you continued adventures darling friend! Au revoir!


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