The simple things in life

That warm, crunchy, perfect baguette costs less than a dollar from the patisserie around the corner and that goat cheese – this nondescript little package you can pick up at any dime a dozen, Cumberland Farm type store – is soooo creamy and tasty that you wonder how and why we Americans put up with those dry, overpriced logs that are offered to us, even at Whole Foods. (I wish I could deliver these or the croissants below in a little care package, Alex, as you turn 19 today.  I’m glad that Luca and Dad are taking you out for a celebratory dinner tonight, since I can’t.)

IMG_2201Téa and I were discussing over our Saturday morning croissants whether there is any food or drink that is better in the U.S. and the only thing we could think of besides Gramma’s cookies and Nonna’s pasta is coffee. Those are home-brewed mugs of Peets.  (I brought a pound in my suitcase.) And Téa admitted that as hard as it might be to believe in this land of pastry, she is missing a sugary, over-frosted chocolate Dunkin donut.


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