Olympique Lyonnaise

To celebrate Luca’s arrival to Lyon, Ray got tickets for  us to see a “football” game here in the new stadium, built to host the Euro Cup 2016. After at least an hour on the website punctuated by outbursts of four letter words every few minutes, Ray was able to secure four nosebleed seats. What he learned is that before you can buy tickets, you have to say how you are getting to and from the stadium. No parking lot or tailgating in sight. We took the tram to the  train and then had to wait like cattle herded at a gate in front of the entrance -the  French version of crowd control. Good news is everyone has an amazing view because the stadium seats are so steep. Lyon scored with just a few minutes to go, so we were able to see our team win and still get a seat on the train, leaving the other 60,000 fans inside screaming their heads off. While it was all very exciting, Téa and I still prefer seats at Craigville Pizza where we have watched at least two World Cups with the Pugh-Sellers. And really, my favorite soccer games of all to watch are my sons playing on our terrible field at ARHS!



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