Life in Lyon

After looking over the last few posts it seems like this blog should be called LaRajas based in Lyon. We have been traveling a lot, the last few trips planned to coincide with Téa’s two-week vacation from school, which began one week after we returned from Lebanon. So basically Téa has been “home-schooled” for the past month. When we planned our trip to the Middle-East last fall (around Easter vacation at ACS) I assumed it would overlap with the spring break at Téa’s French school. When it didn’t, I was going to explain our dilemma to the head of her school. A friend here advised differently. “No, Taryn, you lie.” She explained the French do not take it lightly when children miss school and it would be much easier on both the head of the school and  us if we explained that we had a family emergency and had to leave the country. We did have to take Luca to Beirut after all! When Téa returned to school she told the people who asked that her grandfather died, she just didn’t mention that it was three and a half years ago. My father definitely had a sneaky side to him, so I’m sure he would have approved of this “white lie.”

But back to life in Lyon. Here are some of the things we have been enjoying…

Lots of great food, mostly at home with food from the Farmers’ Market, but at least once a week in a restaurant. It’s too hard to pass up those amazing $20 pre fixe lunches!

Walking, biking, jogging (slowly), and stopping for drinks along the river. I tried the outdoor pool that is two blocks from our apartment. It’s super clean, warm and has amazing views of the bridges and cathedral at every stroke. But it’s very crowded and the showers are co-ed. Everyone keeps their bathing suits on unlike in Merano, that “German part” of Italy, but still. When the air gets warmer and I can just walk home in my bathing suit to shower at home, I think I’ll try again at a less busy time.

Téa has been hanging out with her friend, Lexi, walking over to Place Bellecour, Printemps and all the great shops around there. But reality hits Monday when school starts up again until July 5th – though Téa is already scheming up another white lie to make sure she NEVER goes to school in July!



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