Nonna, Papa and Murph treat us to a five-day feast

While I was helping the Donahues onto their TGV to Paris, Adriana, Ray and John Murphy’s TGV was pulling into the station from Paris on another track. Kristen was in line buying sandwiches for the ride and the ticket collector who initially said I was not allowed on the platform without my own ticket looked at Micah, two rolling suitcases, three kids and two strollers and decided that yes he could make “une exception,” and allow me to help them up the escalator.

Even though I saw the anciens’ train pulling in,  by the time I got down one set of stairs and up the next they were remarkably nowhere in sight – even though as Murph himself said they would be impossible to miss. Their cell phones, which were working in Paris, suddenly could not receive or send messages but Adriana found a polite, young guy who let her call me on his phone. After that we spent the next five days eating. Anyone who knows my in-laws will not find this the least bit surprising.  Anytime not spent talking about the delicious food we are currently eating is dedicated to discussion of the next meal. It is a wonderful way to live.  We enjoyed a sampling of the super creative fare from a few young chefs in Lyon…

As well as the traditional and need I say much heavier findings at the famous Brasserie Georges that Murph fortunately wanted to check out…

We all worked together to cook one home-made meal of fish, herbs, fennel, and potatoes from the Farmers’ Market, and did a little fine food shopping at Paul Bocuse’s famous indoor market, Les Halles de Lyon…

We finally checked out the modern architecture at Musée des Confluences which surprisingly houses the archeological treasures of Lyon…


That was our one touristy stop. Other than that we people-watched around the city, drank tea and coffee, and napped until the next meal. I don’t have a photo of this but Adriana loved seeing women in skirts and high heels on scooters – her new way of commuting from Grand Central to Chinatown? My father-in-law got to know every Uber driver in Lyon, most of whom spoke perfect English and only one of whom took him for an extra “ride” around the city.

Nonna took us on a fun shopping spree at the fancy stores around Bellecour with a stop for tea at Printemps.


Merci beaucoup for all of the special treats and to Murph who left L.A. Thursday morning at 6:30 a.m. and arrived in Lyon Friday afternoon at 2. Wow! We feel honored you traveled so far to share our sabbatical!



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