Le 15 by luca

Every time I bike, walk or jog by this restaurant on the Rhone, I think of Luca. On his last night of being 15, turning 16 tomorrow on the 15th of May, I want to wish him an early happy birthday. Luca has spent this last week at the American Community School of Beirut’s “Week Without Walls,” volunteering to paint at a Palestinian refugee camp. He told me he has been thinking a lot about Grampa, who taught him not to put too much paint on the brush and to catch all the drips. I love the idea of my father looking down over Luca in Beirut, while my mother has been here in Lyon looking after us. And Alex, having finished a fabulous freshman year at Tufts, is back in Amherst at least trying to look over our lawn on Strong Street – if only the *@#%^* battery on the mower would start…

Luca, we will take you to this restaurant and celebrate your sweet 16 when you join us in Lyon. I know if you were in Amherst we would be heading to the DMV to get your driver’s permit. Do I need to say how happy I am that the driving age in Beirut is 18?!?  I promise to take you  to get your permit the day we get back to Amherst!


In the meantime, we are glad you feel so at home and are getting the rest you need at the Abunnasr’s!




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