Feeling Antsy, so we headed to Annecy (same pronunciation to my ear!)

Even though we have had a lot of visitors to Lyon, we hadn’t left the city ourselves in over a month, so we decided to head to, as one website calls it, “The most charming European city you’ve never heard of…”Note that use of  you,  i.e. you, we never said anything about those thousands of other tourists! Even with the crowds, though, it was well worth the visit. My cousins, Judy and Peter Walsh, had recommended we visit Annecy so I actually had heard of it. And Max went when he was in Lyon and told us we had to go there for gelato and wait in the place with the longest line since that was the best place.  Pretty much every place had long lines, so I’m not sure we made it to the one he was referring to, but the gelato was delicious! We are thinking it’s better in Annecy than in Lyon because it is that much closer to Italy.

Ray rented a car for the day and confirmed it is impossible to go through this process in under two hours (so don’t feel too badly, Micah!). The last time we rented a car to go to Beuane, the rental agent only asked for Ray’s license so he didn’t bring his passport. This time it was a must, so that added an extra bike ride back and forth to the car rental place. And again, they didn’t have the cheaper car we had requested online so it took a little longer. Deja vu, we got a Volvo station wagon, just like the Donahues. Why, I’m wondering, are there so many “unwanted” Volvo station wagons in Lyon?

As soon as we were able to park the above mentioned car (easier said than done on the most beautiful Saturday of the year), we headed to the gorgeous lake. We breathed in fresh mountain air with views of snowcapped Alps in the distance and noticed boats for rent. Téa and her friend Lexi agreed a motor boat – even with us on board – would be much more exciting than a paddleboat, so we channeled Uncle Mike and rented this one. Accustomed to cruising in Falmouth on Michael’s double 250 horse power outboards, it almost felt like we were on a paddleboat, but it was still fun and provided many opportunities for cool snapchat stories.

I’m slightly obsessed with researching and finding the best restaurants anywhere we go, but Téa taught me sometimes it’s better to just look and make your own call  – as she did to find this perfect spot for huge, delicious salads, fries and pizza.  Luckily we got there at 1:57 so even though the guy was about to say they were closed, I held up my phone to show him it was before 2:00 and he agreed to serve us. A sign that we were meant to find this place – there appeared to be an enlarged baby picture of Alex hanging on the wall across from our table (see below). Since we don’t have Alex and Luca with us and Téa has retracted her, “I’ve always wanted to be an only child” statement after a few months living as one, we are so happy that Lexi’s parents have let us adopt her on many weekends.


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