Mama Lyon

Téa and my mother have the sweetest tradition that they keep up pretty regularly when my mother visits us in Amherst, and  I’m happy to say has continued in Lyon. They write poems together. In my mother’s book are side-by-side poems about my father that they wrote shortly after he died. I can’t think of a better way to share my mother’s visit than to have her featured here as a “guest author” since she captured so well all we did in Lyon. I’m also sharing one of the poems Téa wrote during their afternoon of tea and poetry.


Lyonnaise Memories – May 14, 2016

by Elaine Shea

As we share our last meal in lovely Lyon,

I’m relishing fond memories as I head home.

The food and the sights were second to none.

Sharing them with you made them such fun.

The yogurt with chia seeds and cappuccino with hearts

Made sitting at Slake the right way to start

The day before enjoying Lyon’s interesting sights.

And, there were so many, that were pure delight.

From riding the funicular to the top of the hill,

Then lighting a candle in Notre Dame for Bill.

We went to the Museum of Resistance and learned that despite their fear

The French were extremely courageous when the Nazis were here.

At the Museum of the Confluence, I relived a trip that I knew.

I felt like I had gone back to visit the Antarctic penguins with you.

We watched a great movie after a lunch at Paul’s.

We had tea and macrons at lovely Pignols.

We learned that Lyon was the city of the silk boom,

But our guide was so poor, we didn’t see a single loom.

Our massage was delightful at the Hotel Sofitel.

Such a healthy respite to keep us quite well.

The Lyon restaurants were memorable for sure,

Brasserie Chavant, Thomas, Leon de Lyon, and more.

Ray prepared two great dinners that were second to none,

And, a lunch with great cheeses. Five stars he has won.

Hearing Téa play guitar made the journey worthwhile.

Her voice and strumming made her grandmother smile.

I biked and walked more miles than I could tell,

And, enjoyed a great ride on a carousel.

This trip has been quite special. The memories I will treasure.

Spending a week with you has brought me joy beyond measure.

I love you all so much. Good-bye will be hard to say.

Always I will cherish our wonderful Lyonnaise days.


Food in Lyon

By Téa LaRaja

My eyes are drawn to the tarts glazed in honey

In my sweetest voice I ask, “Dad, could I have some money?”

The aroma of croissants makes my palms start to sweat

My taste buds tingle as I devour a warm baguette

The buttery chocolate éclair is impossible to share

And the delectable raspberry tart will forever have my heart

A day without a treat and my heart would skip a beat

France without sweets in like my mom without Peets.


And unrealistic.

I am missing my mama lion, but loved having her all to myself for a whole week – a rare opportunity as you can imagine being one of six cubs 🙂 I love that I have a copy of her signed book to reread at our favorite cafes in Lyon, the next best way to feel her presence.


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